Next Steps

Having finally enabled filtering and tested my server from both an exchange and google account, I realised it’s time to move on the fact that my email server does not have calendar functions. Given that this is built into exchange is disappointing realisation.

As such I’ve done some research and testing this week. I found that I needed to install a calDAV server then integrate that with plugins to roundcube. There are however many groupware solutions available.

I tried Horde first and found a great package/installer here. After installing it I was underwhelmed to be perfectly honest. I also don’t like the installing pre-configured appliances/VMs as it defeats the primary purpose of setting it up – learning something new.

I moved on and I am now attempting to install and configure owncloud. Owncloud has been in the back of my mind for sometime now. Frankly I’m happy with the combination of plex, dropbox, RDS and shell/sftp access that I have to my files and media already so didn’t feel the need to add yet another access method. However, given that owncloud now has a webmail client as well as groupware functionality I’ll give it a go.

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