Fixing little things

This was a weekend of Christmas/fixing niggling problems on my systems.

  1. Migrate to NextCloud from Owncloud.
    1. Easy – thanks to documentation and a blog post.
  2. Fix accessibility problems with the calendar plugin in nextcloud.
    1. This was primarly caused by my ignorance – when adding calendars in, say, Thunderbird you need to be very specific on the URL – nextcloud does not make it clear what the url is for specific calendar unless you go looking for it. Simply adding the primary address ( will not work.
  3. Fix the zabbix server, as it wasn’t starting with the system.
    1. Checking the service status show the issue here. It wasn’t set to start automatically. Fixed with sudo systemctl enable zabbix-server.service.

As far as getting landscape up and running – this seems a little problematic. After spinning up an VM and using the documentation I can’t seem to add machines to the landscape server. This is because it uses self-signed ssl certificates. The solution is easy enough – provide the letsencrypt certificates. However because it sits behind a reverse proxy the website will need configured to not use SSL but as far as I can tell so far, the landscape service itself needs the ssl certificate. This can be fixed by using rsync and cron to move the necessary files, but it’s going to be a pain. We’ll see.

1 thought on “Fixing little things

  1. Update on the migration to nextcloud:
    Unfortunately I had installed owncloud with the debian package and this will cause problems when doing apt updates. I ended up having to apt remove owncloud (and remove all the data from var/www/) edit the 000-default.conf file with the Alias information for owncloud, then manually reinstall nextcloud using the web install script. At that point I copied the old config back over and it worked.

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