Python Scripts for interacting with phpIPAM and PowerDNS Admin

I’ve spent some time this weekend writing some scripts in Python that will function as a preliminary building block for future automation – simplifying the creation of VMs in my network.

I won’t go into too much more detail here, but I’ve published them on github. Future updates to the scripts will make them work smoothly with my Ansible build processes, but for now, they’re OK. 

Python Scripts for Interacting with LDAP

This is more or less just a post about my public github repository:

There is more information in the README file in the repository. However, to summarise, I’ve written some python scripts that will reach out to active directory and look up group membership. Because I couldn’t find something similar when I started coding the scripts, I thought it would be a good idea to publish them online.

Connecting to the MET Office Weather Observation Website

A short post on contributing to the MET Weather Observation Website.
(What to do with all this data I have)

A colleague pointed out that the Bureau of Meteorology is contributing to a massive online project hosted by the MET Office that collects weather observation information from the community, link here, and that I should contribute my data.

My only problem was that my data is collected from a bespoke weather station and lacked a mechanism that could push the data to the MET Office’s servers. So using their documentation, I wrote one in Python and set it up as a cron job on my server.

Here is my weather station website on the MET site. And a link to my script, in Python that does the work.